Sainik School, Korukonda was established at the behest of Shri Jawaharlal Nehru, Nation's first Prime Minister and Shri V.K Krishna Menon, the then Defense Minister.

The school informally began on 10th Sep 1961 when Smt Bhagirathi Devi, Rani Saheb of Vizianagaram at the instance of her husband, Lt Col Maharaj Kumar Dr. Vijayanand Gajapati Raju (Sir Vizzy) gave the Korukonda Palace to their nephew, the great philanthropist and educationalist Shri PVG Raju, Raja Saheb of Vizianagaram who gifted this palace to run this Sainik School. The school was formally founded by Commander T De Almeida, the first Principal of the school on 18th Jan 1962. The School now ranks as one of the best schools of this country.


The Alak Appala Kondayamba Vijayaram Palace is now Sainik School, Korukonda. The Palace was built in 1911 by Maharaja Vijayaram Gajapathi Raju as his country residence. It was later bequeathed to his second son Dr. Vijayanand Gajapathi Raju, Padmabushan, (P.V.G.Raju) LLD, Ex-Member of Parliament and a great Cricket lover, popularly known as “Vizzy” in cricketing circles.

The Vijayaram Palace was a center for games and sports. All India tournaments were conducted at Korukonda and renowned sportsmen from all over India came to participate and enjoy princely reception till about 1933.

Dr. Vijayanand Gajapathi Raju later transferred the palace to his wife Smt.Bhagiradhi Devi, Maharajakumari Rani Saheba of Vizianagaram in 1955. The palace was gifted for the purpose of running a Sainik School by her with the consent of her husband Dr. Vijayanand Gajapathi Raju. In September 1961. The prime mover of the gift was the great philanthropist and educationist Sri. P.V.G.Raju, Rajahsaheb of Vizianagaram. As a rich tribute to the Royal Family, the original crest and motto of the Gajapathi dynasty was adopted by the School right from its inception. Click to read about Sri. P.V.G.Raju


The transmission of the Royal Palace to a noble and great School reflects the relentless efforts of the founder Principal Commander T de Almeida, who with his rich experience, which included a tenure as Squadron Commander at the National Defence Academy (NDA), brought the School into existence by 18th January 1962. The same day, the first batch of 205 students has joined school.


The primary aim of Sainik School Korukonda is to prepare boys academically, physically and mentally for entry into the National Defense Academy. The other objectives are:

  • To remove regional imbalance in the officer cadre of the Defense Services.
  • To develop qualities of body, mind and character to enable the young boys of today to become good and useful citizens of tomorrow.
  • To bring public school education within the reach of the common man.